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= Drive_God_Lin =
We are going to be working on a [ CERN] project called code named Drive_God_Lin .==Summery:== <u>SUSSIX - Frequency Analysis of Non-Linear Betatron Motion</u> The SUSSIX program has been developed to postprocess tracking or experimental data via frequency analysis.  This code performs harmonic analysis of turn-by-turn data from a circular acceleration (measured data or from numerical simulation). It is heavily used in the optics re-construction for the LHC( [ Large Hadron Collider]) and the same tools are being exported to the lower-energy machines at CERN. SUSSIX is a FORTRAN program for the post processing of turn-by-turn BPM (Beat per minute) data, which computes the frequency, amplitude, and phase of tunes and resonant lines to a high degree of precision through the use of an interpolated FFT (more info soon[ fast Fourier transform])For analysis of LHC BPM data a specific version sussix4drive (the FORTRAN file code), run through the C steering code ''Drive God lin'' (the C file code), has been implemented in the CCC by the beta-beating team To see the whole Document [ click here]
== Team Members ==
# [ Sezar Gantous]

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