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Summary of Findings
=== Summary of Findings ===
The execution of the program takes roughly 803.10 -90 20 seconds(depending on how long you are measuring the calculations of triangle animations). it should be noted that this application initially was an application that relied upon user input for execution and for termination. I have modified this initial behavior by ensuring the while loop (which generates the triangles) executes only for a maximum of 1000 iterations. The time measured in this assignment is for every 1000 iterations of this loop.
Profiling Results
The complexity of the entire program is O(n^3). There is a for loop for setup, a while loop for accepting user input and another for loop for drawing the triangles.
Also the times recorded can be increase if the maximum loop iterations increase ie: 10000,100000,1000000. This will identify the same relationship but with higher task time.  
=== Amdahls Law Calculations ===

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