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Project R0.1 20131- OOP344

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|+ Release 0.1
! Question!! Comments
 |Does ReadOnly if statement work like ESCAPE key ? (Store the string in another variable and replace it). ? And, how do you guys initialize the global variable for CIO_TABSIZE ? Do I need to specify the link in console.h file as well? (What I did was.. unsigned int CIO_TABSIZE=4 in console.cpp).: D||  
|If IsTextEditor is true and the value of<u> *strOffset is changed at any time,</u> then terminate the edit function immediately and return 0; CAN SOMEONE explain what it means.. please : (|| It means when you move cursor to show the hidden characters or to hide shown characters(move to left or right) if IsTextEditor==True, then terminate the edit function; <br/>*strOffset is the number of characters of the left postion of string that not be displayed within the text-field. <br/>

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