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Project R0.1 20131- OOP344

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|+ Release 0.1
! Question!! Comments
|If IsTextEditor is true and the value of<u> *strOffset is changed at any time,</u> then terminate the edit function immediately and return 0; CAN SOMEONE explain what it means.. please : (||
|Can someone help me uderstand these two underlined requirements. Thanks a lot for your help!! -Chun <br/> Your function does not allow the cursor to move before the start of the field or past the end of the field. <u>If the field ends at the right edge of the screen, your function does not allow the cursor to the right of that edge</u>. || I think this means that: if the last position of the field is at getCols(), you cannot allow the cursor position to go beyond that. Remember xMOVER? how it console.alarm()'s when you try to go past getCols()? Its basically saying that, the cursor MUST stay within the field. -fjzhou

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