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Project R0.1 20131- OOP344

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*{| class="wikitable" border="1"|+ Release 0.1! Question!! Comments|-|Can someone help me uderstand these two underlined requirements. Thanks a lot for your help!! -Chun*:1. <br/> Your function does not allow the cursor to move before the start of the field or past the end of the field. <u>If the field ends at the right edge of the screen, your function does not allow the cursor to the right of that edge</u>.**|| I think this means that: if the last position of the field is at getCols(), you cannot allow the cursor position to go beyond that. Remember xMOVER? how it console.alarm()'s when you try to go past getCols()? Its basically saying that, the cursor MUST stay within the field. -fjzhou*:2. |-|END - moves the cursor to the position to the right of the last character in the string, changing the offset, if necessary. <u>If the last character is at the edge of the screen, moves the cursor to that character.</u>**|| Same thing as the previous question? *curPos = getCols() ? -fjzhou<br/> ***Thank you, fjzhou. I wonder why I didn't use any code from XMOVER. If you are right, then we have to keep tracking the cursor position on the screen by using getPos() function and comparing with the getCols()? However, I don't think that would be a problem since we keep adjusting the strOffset if the curPosition is at the end of the field. Then the last character of the string will not be at the edge of the screen and the cursor will be. So why would we put the cursor on the last character of the string? -Chun|- *|Can someone tell why "TAB" key does't work on the matrix using PUTTY. I have set the keybord already........hqiao|||}

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