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General HW enablement

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#''Check out other projects within SBR-600:'' [ Other Projects]
#''Trim-Slice (Official Website):'' [ Trim-Slice]
#''Trim-Slice Articles:'': [ Trim-Slice Articles]#''Trim-Slice HW Details:'' [ Trim-Slice Specs]#''Trim-Slice Features:'' [ Trim-Slice Features]
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== Project Leaders ==
*<u>'''Nikhil Sharma:'''</u><br />Wiki**Learn a little about Nikhil here: [ Nikhil]Blog**Check out my blog here: [ Nikhil's Blog]<br /><br />
*<u>'''Hugo Pombo:'''</u><br />
**Learn a little about me Hugo here: [ About Hugo] <br />
**Check out my blog here: [ Hugo's Blog]

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