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General HW enablement

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== Project Description ==
:Most of the devices fedora supports actually only use a small amount of the hardware that is on the device. Whether it is something simple like graphics and sound or more complex features such as GYRO, GPS, FM Radio, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. There's also some other devices that would be interesting to support like the Snowball, Origen, or even the Vivaldi Tablet. Some definitely need FW and hence probably packaging if it's not in the linux-firmware dumping ground. Having considered all of this information, it is our intention to enable WiFi & Bluetooth on the Trim Slice board using Fedora 17 as our platform.<br /> <u>Relevant On-Line Resources:</u><br />#''Check out other projects within SBR-600:'' [ Other Projects]#''Trim-Slice (Official Website):'' [ Trim-Slice]#''Trim-Slice Articles'': [ Trim-Slice Articles]#''Trim-Slice HW Details'' [ Trim-Slice Specs]
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== Project Leaders ==
*<u>'''Hugo Pombo:'''</u><br />
 **Learn a little about me here:[ About Hugo] <br />**Check out my blog here:[ Hugo's Blog]
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