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General HW enablement

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== General Hardware Enablement of WiFi & Bluetooth using Using Trim Slice==
== Project Description ==
A number of ARM boards have features that are not fully supported in Fedora. Note: Before starting this project, you must identify the features and boards you are targeting. From Peter Robinson: Most of the devices we support fedora supports actually only use a small amount of the HW hardware that is actually on the device. Whether it be is something simple like graphics or and sound or more interesting like gyrocomplex features such as GYRO, gpsGPS, FM radioRadio, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. There's also some other devices that would be interesting to support like the snowballSnowball, origenOrigen, or even the Vivaldi Tablet. Some definitely need FW and hence probably packaging if it's not in the linux-firmware dumping ground Expected outcome: The identified features will be supported . Having considered all of this information, it is our intention to enable WiFi & Bluetooth on the identified Trim Slice board(s) within using Fedora17 as our platformSkills required: packaging, kernel/module building, testing Maximum number of students: One per hardware feature to be supported Resources: Chris Tyler (ctyler), Peter Robinson (pbrobinson)
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== Project Leader(s) Leaders ==
*<u>'''Nikhil Sharma:'''</u>
== Project Details ==
Expected outcome: The identified features will be supported on the identified board(s) within Fedora.
Skills required: packaging, kernel/module building, testing
Maximum number of students: One per hardware feature to be supported
Resources: Chris Tyler (ctyler), Peter Robinson (pbrobinson)
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