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Project Plan
* 0.0 Plan<br /><br />
We are going to use the Pandaboard Beaglebone/Beagleboard device for the GPIO/I2C interfaces.<br /><br />
Luis Fuentes : Package appropriate libraries for I2C Beagleboard GPIO <br />Jiecheng Qiu : Package appropriate libraries for Beaglebone GPIO <br />
* 0.1 Research the library release an initial version of GPIO/I2C and our package it on Pandaboard with Fedora System, install or build some drivers<br /><br /> * 0.2 Do some programming to test it release a final version and make get it works wellinto the Fedora package review process <br /><br /> * 0.3 Finalize the package has gone through the final release process and work on the documentationis available in Fedora <br /><br />
== Communication ==

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