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<b>[[CSS_guide | CSS Guide]]</b>
* Completed documentation for **[[CSS_GUIDE_VERTICAL_ALIGN | CSS Vertical-Align]]* In progress:** [[CSS_GUIDE_BACKGROUND_REPEAT | background-repeat]]** [[CSS_GUIDE_-MOZ-OPACITY | -moz-opacity]]
** Starting off with:
*** [[]] and [[]] - <b>DONE</b> (Reflects the comments [[User:RichardChu|Richard Chu]] made after my first submission)
*** Documented and changed Update subroutine in to allow users to use BASE, COMMITTED, PREV to update*** My old comments about
**** For <b>Update</b> subroutine
***** Shouldn't users also be allowed to use BASE, COMMITTED, PREV to update?
** Then, files in the Test directory: - <b>IN PROGRESS</b>
***,,,, and
*Advised project leader on licensing

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