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OPS335 FTP Lab

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#*Enable file transfer logging.
#You'll now have to modify your vm01 firewall to allow NEW tcp connections on port 21.
#You'll also need to set SELinux to permissive mode: setenforce 0.#You'll also need to tell SElinux to allow ftp access to users' home directories with: setsebool ftp_home_dir 1#*Note that this may take a minute to run.
#Verify that the ftp connection tracking module is installed in your kernel with the "lsmod" command. If it is not, you'll have to install it with the command: "modprobe nf_conntrack_ftp".
#Start your ftp server.
#At this point you should test your FTP server from hosts within your intranet. It should work properly for both anonymous and local users. From a terminal window on the gateway try these activities:
#*ftp as joker on your VM, then list, get and put files.
#*ftp as anonymous to your VM, then list and get files.
#*ftp as your user name on your VM, then list, get and put files.
===Configure the Firewall===

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