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OPS335 FTP Lab

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Small changes to steps to perform.
#You'll now have to modify your vm01 firewall to allow NEW tcp connections on port 21.
#You'll also need to set SELinux to permissive mode: setenforce 0.
#Finally you'll have to install Verify that the ftp connection tracking module into is installed in your kernelwith the "lsmod" command. Use this If it is not, you'll have to install it with the command: "modprobe nf_conntrack_ftp". To verify that #Start your kernel module is installed you can use the "lsmod" commandftp server.
#At this point you should test your FTP server from hosts within your intranet. It should work properly for both anonymous and local users. From a terminal window on the gateway try these activities:
#*ftp as joker on your VM, then list, get and put files.

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