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== Proposal ==
The game we are proposing to make is an apocalyptic style RPG. Our initial plan is to make it first person with melee combat. Depending on difficulty, we will make plans to add a third person option, and implement some type of projectile based combat. The world we are putting this in will be our world but there are portals which are opening up into the nether void. From these portals evil creatures attack the human world and humans are able to go into the portal to combat the evil forces.This will explore dark and light world as the dark world will be very similar to our world (similar to the movie Constantine). The Map or general structure of the play area will be a city or a segment of a city all depending on how advanced we are able to get with the project. If we are able to get advanced then we will implement multiple city segments. initially what we intend to create is a class which is basically "catholic school girl with a giant cross" she will be the melee and casting character. This will be our first character and based on that we may create more characters. We will have a few funny elements as the character above for example we will have humor with the characters speech. The way the lighting will be is the normal world will be turning dark as we get deeper into the city and as portals close the area will get brighter to represent that it has been cleared.
== Map of the World of the Game ==
== Any other thing you find necessary ==

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