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BTP300B Team 10 Weekly Log

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==Week 15==
*9/05 26 (Wednesday): Pair group for assignment1 assignment2 ==Week 26==
*9/10 28 (MondayFriday): Assignment 1 2 started - worked on Display functioncreated and coded all header files such cfg.h, iframe.h, cframe.h and a2test.cpp class(Imtiaz,Krush) ) 9/12 (Wednesday): Worked on display function. 9/14 (Wednesday): edit function started.
==week 6==
Sunday - 9/30 - Coded void setLine(), void capture(), void row(int) & int row() const over skype - Imtiaz, Krush
==week 3==Monday- 910/17 1 - Edit function leftCoded other functions : void col(int), int col() const, void height(int), rightint height() const , endvoid width(int), home key debugged int width() const - Imtiaz, Krush
Wednesday 910/19 3 - InsertCoded rest of the other functions: void goMiddle(), backspace debuggedvoid bordered(bool), bool bordered() const, void frame(CFrame*), CFrame* frame() const, void display(const char*), int edit(), void draw(), void hide(), void move(), and void move(). - Imtiaz, KrushCompiled but getting error.
Friday 910/21 5 - Added couple of fields in applicationTried to resolve the compilation error but still need more fixing.cpp - Tested and checked that entered validation is working Sunday 9/23 - Assignment 1 completed with a1test.cpp and application.cpp but not submittedSend email to prof on compilation error==week 4==Monday- 9/24 - Assignment 1 submitted

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