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Phonegap Healthcare Adapter Backlog

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* Extend native Bluetooth adapter for this device.
== Proof of Concept ==
=== Android ===
* We've created the Android native code (using Android bluetooth API) to test the bluetooth process between Android and medical device.
** Settings for connection: for creating the UUID of the Android device, "00001101-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb" is used instead of conforming the COD filter value on the A&D specs; but the service name and PIN on the specs have to be used.
** Issues in the test:
*** For the blood pressure meter, paring can be set but data transmission is unstable. Its reason could be: the A&D medical device always forces to use RFCOMM port/channel 1 for the connection, but the Android device will chose next available channel. For there are 10 channels for Android device, the chance to make successful connection is 1/10;

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