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OPS335 Email Lab

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===Testing email using IP Addresses===
*If you have problems with the following you may have to set SELinux to permissive mode and/or adjust your firewall to allow traffic to/from port 25.
*Try sending an email from vm01 vm02 to your host.
mail -s "PART E2" yyyyyy@[192.168.X.1]
Note: yyyyyy is your Seneca ID<br />
Note: the square brackets around the host IP address
*Try sending an email from your host to vm01vm02. mail -s "PART E3" zzzzzz@[192.168.X.23]
Note: zzzzzz is your Seneca ID<br />
==Completing the Lab==
#Create a copy of your file on vm01 vm02 (your guest) with this lab - but delete all commented and blank lines first - like this. [cat /etc/postfix/ | grep -v ^# | awk 'NF > 0 {print $0}']
#What is the output of the iptables-save command on both your host and guest machines?
#What firewall rule or rules, if any, did you have to enter on the guest and/or host so that email to/from each other would work?
#What is the meaning of the square brackets surrounding the IP address in the examples?
#What were the results of sending email between the host and the vm? Show log segments to verify your answers.

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