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== Proposal ==
Team Rocket Jump and Dale will work on a game under the 3D action fighting genre. Similar to games in this genre such as the Virtual On and Gundam Vs. series, this game will feature a third-person view of the player's character/robot and compete with another single character through combat until one is declared the victor. The opponent character will be implemented with either a simple AI or another player. Depending on time constraints, the other character may also be controlled on the same computer (split-screen) or basic networking over LAN may be implemented.
The game will take place in either space, a planet, or both. The implementation of physics will be a "simplified" version compared to the rules in the real world. For example, the player will be able to dash in a direction using jets (or some other technology), which will skip acceleration and immediately alter the velocity of the character. Likewise, after the dash is completed and the jets are turned off, the character's velocity will be immediately altered and will come to a stop. Basic gravity will occur if in a "planet" environment (again, with a constant descent to the ground instead of continued acceleration), and no gravity in a "space" environment.
The main mechanics in the game lies in combat with another character, and these are broken down into movement and attacks. Attacks will come in the form of long range projectiles and close range melee attacks. Contact with enemy attacks will be covered under "simple" collision detection, where the game will check if any part if the character is in contact with the attack, and will reduce its health according to the strength of the attack regardless of the body part. A model of physics will be created for projectile attacks. Other obstacles, such as asteroids and buildings, may be present in the game environment which can be used to help/hinder characters in different situations.
== Map of the World of the Game ==
== Any other thing you find necessary ==

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