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Fall 2012 DPI908/SBR600 Participants

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Instructions - Project Selection
Edit your row on this page:
* In the '''Project''' column, please place a project title exactly as written on the [[DPI908/SBR600 Potential Projects|potential projects]] page.
* In the '''Alternate Projects''' column, please name one or two other projects that you are also interested in, if your first choice is oversubscribed or not available.
* In the '''Notes Regarding Project''' column, comment on why you chose the project you did.
** Identify some initial resources (people, information) and links.
** Decide on your goals for your 0.1 release (proof of concept), 0.2 release (initial implementation), and 0.3 release (good implementation). Note that some projects have a much bigger scope than others, and some will be largely completed by the first release date (in which case you may want to take on a second small project for the later release dates).
* '''Due date: Initial project plans will be presented on Monday, October 8 and must be completed on the wiki before class.'''To be announced.

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