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BTP300B Team 10 Weekly Log

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Week 12
==Week 15==
*9/05 26 (Wednesday): Pair group for assignment1 ==Week Assignment 2==
*9/10 28 (MondayFriday): Assignment 1 2 started - worked on Display functioncreated and coded all header files such cfg.h, iframe.h, cframe.h and a2test.cpp class(Imtiaz,Krush) ) 9/12 (Wednesday): Worked on display function. 9/14 (Wednesday): edit function started.
==week 6==
Sunday - 9/30 - Coded void setLine(), void capture(), void row(int) & int row() const over skype - Imtiaz, Krush
Monday 10/1 - Coded other functions : void col(int), int col() const, void height(int), int height() const , void width(int), int width() const - Imtiaz, Krush Wednesday 10/3 - Coded rest of the other functions: void goMiddle(), void bordered(bool), bool bordered() const, void frame(CFrame*), CFrame* frame() const, void display(const char*), int edit(), void draw(), void hide(), void move(), and void move(). - Compiled but getting error. Friday 10/5 - Tried to resolve the compilation error but still need more fixing. - Send email to prof on compilation error.   ==week 3Week 7== Sunday - 10/7 : Worked on display function to design frame as per requirement.  Monday- 10/8 : Meet at Tim Horton, debug the code. Code debugged without any compilation error but got some issue with frame design display.  Tuesday - 10/9: After lots of struggle, we finally made our outer and inner frame worked. Worked on display and move function and finally able to debug code and got accurate result.  - A2 release 1 has been submitted. ==Week 8== Monday - 10/17 15 : - Repository account created and tested successfully. - Edit function leftTeam Leader : Krush Pachani ==Week 9==  CField (Imtiaz )  CLabel (imtiaz)    CLine (Krush)  CButton (krush) ==Week 10== Monday & Wednesday: Imtiaz and I worked did pair programming on CField class. Worked on constructor class. Friday & Sunday: we did pair programming for public and virtual methods(mention below) and store its definitions in cfield.cpp file on Friday at school and later online on skype. void** data()const void* pdata() constvoid display(int offset)int edit(int maxStrLength, bool* insertMode, int* offset, int* curPos)bool editable() constvoid set(const void*) - On Sunday, we meet at Tim's Horton to work on cfield class. After several attempt of debug, rightwe were able to debug without any error message. ==Week 11== Tuesday: This week, we did a pair programming for 2 classes CLine and CLabel while helping each other. By the endof the Tuesday, we had implemented public methods for clable.cpp: void draw(int)int edit()bool editable() constvoid set(const void*) Wednesday: We worked on clabel class private method: void allocateAndCopy(const char*) Also, home key debugged we did pair programming for CLine class and coded following classes: void draw(int)int edit()bool editable() constvoid set(const void*)void allocateAndCopy(const char*) Clabel class completed and tested along cline from krush - both calsses transfed to our own trunk folders. ==Week 12== Monday & Tuesday: On Monday, we did pair programming for A(0.2) last class CButton.- transferred files under my folder.  Saturday & Sunday: We meet up at Tim's Horton to do pair programming for A(0.3) release, resolved errors one after other and debug the code until the result was successful.Cdialog class is compiling error free, cant fix some of the warning.. transfered cdialog to branch and trunk. all compiled the project and run all 3 test required for this release, transfered to the trunk as well. -- commited by ImtiazTransferd all the a2 & a1 files in the trunk-- Commmited by Imtiaz, KrushCompleted and Submited!!

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