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== Contributions ==
* '''Main Project''': [[MDC Infrastructure]]
* '''Newsgroup Summaries''': [[]]
* '''Mozilla Technology''': [[Plugin]]
* [[Airbag development and server operation]]: Perl scripting help, mainly with DBI module.
* [[Firefox Performance Testing : A Python framework for Windows]]: In-class contribution. Link to [[Melissa Peh perf comments|my feedback]].
* [[Distcc With MSVC]]: Suggested a program for distributed compilation.
== Reflection ==
In my past experience with dealing in open source, the interaction has always been online - via email/irc mainly. However, this semester, I was exposed to the real meaning of community in open source development - the environment, the people, the collaborations, the discussions - it was all great. I also enjoyed the talks at FSOSS 2006, which was an event I wouldn't have bothered with (since it was study week and all) if I wasn't in this course.

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