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<td>Bug: [ #358112]
* Write code - ''completed 11/15'' ([ code] | [ result])
* Write test case - [ test 1] ([ code]) | [ test 2] ([ code])
Bug: [ #347924]
* Feature #1: "Follow the user-set preference for number of results per page"
* Original test case works correctly again ([ output link]). My last modification while working on bug #358112 included a strange edit to the SpecialNutch_class.php file which redefined the $language variable (I have no idea how/when I added that line) causing the search engine to break - thus, my failure to demo the actual search engine working from the test site during the presentation. This really stumped me for awhile because I'm not supposed to edit that file in the first place.
* My fix for #358112 is here: [ SpecialNutch.php]. What it does: When you access the [ Nutch search form] directly, it should only show a field for you to enter your search term. Since we are using English, the output automatically sets the language to 'en' (English) and no longer displays the drop down box ([ as seen on MDC currently]).
* Thanks to Erin's help, I managed to write a basic test case to test my code. However, it only tests the 'en' language - ([ demo] | [ code]). The reason is because the code obtains the language from the URL that calls it ($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']). After reading up on a lot of documention, the only way to test other languages was create install the wiki for every language and test the URL string - which isn't feasible.
* Since there is no direct way that I can test every language, I decided to write a unit test that tests the code I used SpecialNutch.php. This tests constructs a URL for every language, eg. for Korean, the URL will be Then the code (being tested) will extra out 'ko' as the language and tests to make sure that is correct ([ demo] | [ code]).
* Wrote a [[MDC_Infrastructure/Getting_Started|short guide to getting started on this project]], and avoiding the problems I had.

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