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Phonegap Healthcare Adapter Bluetooth Implementation

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[[Category: NexJ_Express]]
[[category: NexJ Express PhoneGap]]
'''''NexJ Medical Peripheral Mobile Adapter''''' Will be designed to enable NexJ's Mobile Healthcare solutions to interact with Bluetooth peripherals.
: ''{{Main|Mobile Medical Device Integration}}'': ''{{See Also|Phonegap Healthcare AdapterDesign|Phonegap Healthcare Adapter Bluetooth Spec}}'' == Bluetooth Profiles ==A Bluetooth profile is a wireless interface specification for Bluetooth-based communication between devices. Bluetooth communication protocols in the programming interface of iOS and Android are transparent.=== iOS ===* iOS 3+ SDK supports Bluetooth 2.2 devices.** Profiles for Bluetooth 2.2 devices are specified [ here].* iOS 5+ SDK supports low energy Bluetooth devices(Bluetooth 4.0). == Android ==* SDK supports Bluetooth 2.2* No Support for Bluetooth 4.0 == Supported Languages ===== iOS ===* [ Objective C]* C, C++ syntax is viable=== Android ===* Supports Java, equivalent to Java SE 6* C, C++ support via the [ Android NDK] == SDK Examples ===== iOS ===* Enabling Bluetooth on the [ iOS simulator]* Example program interfacing with Bluetooth low energy temperature sensor using the SDK's CoreBluetooth class** [ Sample]=== Android ===* Example exploring interactions with Bluetooth devices using Android Bluetooth API's** [ Bluetooth Library]** [ Sample: BluetoothChat]*** [ Code]

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