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XULRunner Guide

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XULRunner Guide Todo List
== XULRunner Guide Todo List==
* <strike>Have the conversion between XULRunner application to extensions and vice versa. (This part isn't very important to have in the guide but its good to have) -- assigned to [[User:Vpmirand | Vpmirand]] and [[User:PStD | PStD]]</strike>
* Add ways of debugging XULRunner application on the guide -- assigned to [[User:Mylau | mylau]] --> '''done'''
* Proof read guide -- assigned to [[User:Elichak Cbguy1 | Colin]], [[User:Mattar1 | ElichakMohamed Attar]]Comments * Put the whole guide into PDF format. (Once everything is done) -- assigned to [[User:Cbguy1 Mylau | Cbguy1mylau]]--> '''done'''* Have a title page picture of logo for the XULRunnerGuide. (good to have)[[User:Jbmossop | Jeff]] --> '''done'''
'''Note:''' If you would like to contribute to any of this in the todo list or would like to add something to the todo list, please notify the Project leaders. Also, just because someone is already assigned to it, does not mean you cannot also work on it.

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