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Team Extreme 20121 - oop344

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Team Extreme - OOP344 20121
= Team Extreme - OOP344 20121 =
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== Discussion ==
*04/01 11:50pm --- I just committed CCheckMark a while ago it should be in my repo (ktarpomanov/CCHeckMark/CCHeckMark.cpp) - '''Kamen'''
*04/01 11:40pm --- Finish modifying 4 classes so that they all can work properly with the same CDialog classes, just one class (CCheckMark) left. I haven't found it in the SVN - '''Xlian'''
*04/01 11:30pm --- Finished CCheckMark using Honghui's cdialog (Its working great just not sure if it's 100% considering the issues with cdialog) - '''Kamen'''
*03/29 --- Okay, I put in the modify version of Leo's CDialog with the the up key fixed into the trunk. I took out the default constructors on the CLabel too, I tested it now without it and it works, so the one in the trunk is fine as it is. Test your classes with the new CDialog, I tested it this morning for some of you, but double check. - '''William'''
*03/28 --- There are some problems with the previous '''CDialog.cpp''', so I updated it. Now the new one can successfully work with my '''CBotton.cpp''', but I am not sure it is corrected. If you find somewhere cannot work with your class, please modify it. - '''Honghui'''
*03/28 --- Hey I try using yours and it crashed my program completely, I also tried it on Leo's program and it goes onto an infinite loop. I modify the up key on my CDialog and it is working on mine, Leo's and yours because I was testing it on everyone's branch with my modified CDialog off of Leo's modifed one. - '''William'''
*03/28 --- I put the CLineEdit class into my branch but there seems to be some bugs in CDialog class or Console class. I'm not sure where the bug is but the CLineEdit class could not work properly. I will continue to find them. Richard, you can start the CValEdit using the CLineEdit class in my branch. - '''leolian'''
== Trunk Status ==

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