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XULRunner Guide

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Project News
== Project News ==
'''December 1112, 2006 by mylau'''
* Thanks to mfinkle for providing me some feedback on fixes which needed to be made for the guide. I took most of his advice and made the modifications necessary.
* I looked at the guide [[User:Cbguy1 | cbguy1]] posted but required a lot of work. I tried editing the PDF directly but could not find any good tool to use. I attempted to modify the PDF using Foxit Editor but I spent over 1hour learning how to do it. I realized this was not the best approach to modifying the PDF. Hence, I redid the whole document to PDF. I put all the written work on the wiki onto a word document and converted it using Open Office. This was the practical solution since most of the work in the document was not proof read and organized.

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