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Mouse Lock API Test Tracker

137 bytes added, 15:45, 29 February 2012
Review Issues [This list consists of older issues that were resolved]
* Finish tests, updated to changes above.
* <s>Update patch to trunk</s> - humph
* <s>Figure out why DOMMouseScroll events aren't being retargeted to the locked element</s> - humph, diogogmt
* <s>Look into roc's suggestion from bug 722449 comment 8, namely, using getBoundingClientRect vs. GetPrimaryFrame()</s> - diogogmt
* <s>Maybe use nsStubMutationObserver instead of nsIMutationObserver?</s> - humph
* <s>Extensions to the Document Interface. Add pointerLockElement attribute and exitPointerLock method </s> - diogogmt
* <s>Update Element interface to have requestPointerLock </s> - diogogmt
* <s>Dispatch pointerlockchange or pointerlockerror events instead of firing a callback when pointer gets locked</s> - diogogmt
* <s>Update mochitests to use new pointerlock API</s> - diogogmt
* Add expect number of tests to mochitests
* Update patch to trunk- diogogmt
==Mochitests for new PointerLock API==
# pointerlockerror event listener
# mozfullscreenchange event listener
## runTests()
## SimpleTest.finish()
# function start()

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