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OPS235 Lab 2 - Fedora17

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Investigation 6: How do I backup a virtual machine?
# Shut down all of the virtual machines.
# Change to the directory <code>/var/lib/libvirt/images/</code>. Note the size of the files in this directory. What do these files contain?
# Make a compressed backup of the <code>fedora3.img</code> file to your home directory with this command: <code>gzip </var/lib/libvirt/images/fedora3.img >~'''YourUserId'''/fedora3.img.backup.gz</code>
{{Admon/caution|Make sure the backup is successful!|If there are any error messages, '''DO NOT''' proceed past this point. You're going to destroy your fedora3 virtual machine and restore it using the backup you have created -- if there are any problems with the backup, you will not have a working virtual machine, and will have to re-install it.}}

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