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Hi, My name is Paul. I like long walks on the [ wikipedia], and I absolutely despise [ Twitter]. Some of my hobbies include going to the [ Youtube Theatres], reading at the [ IMDB Newstand], and hanging out at [ Facebook Café].
== OOP344 ==
Project development page for the text editor being developed in class.
Link: [ Project Development]
== The Saloon ==
An open source project I started mid-August of 2010 to replace an old chat program that is used frequently in the BYOND community. More information on the development page.
Link: [ Saloon The Saloon] == Minecraft ==Minecraft is a game programmed in Java by a guy that goes by "Notch", it's basically 3d lego with monsters. I run a server for the game, however due to grief, I will not be posting the server address or website here, if you would like to play please contact me directly for the address. Link: [ Minecraft]
== BYOND ==

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