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UNX511 Winter2012 TeamB

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Coming soon== Introduction ==This semester we are developing co-operative multiplayer game for UNX511 class with Unix-based server, written in C/C++, and multiple clients for different platformsPlayers will explore dead city, while searching for safe houses, building barricades or repairing city infrastructure and fighting against aggressive zombies.Game will be based on rounds, where players will have to reach goals. When goal is reached, server will reset map and round starts again.  == Version History ==Project is in the planning phase.  == Platforms ==We are planning to develop 3 interfaces for different platforms:* Android application* Linux client* Web interface == Ideas List ==*All logged in players need to defend off hordes of zombies using weapons, barricades etc. which can be purchased from an in game menu. Money is earned by each player for zombie kills.*If no players are logged in, game will be paused, and difficulty and scale will be based on the number of logged in players.*Game doesn't necessarily have to be real time. Could be based on action timers/cool-downs.*Add simple AI for NPC characters (zombies, for example) == Contributors==*[ Ivan Shibanov]**role: C/C++ Server, assist with Web**email: [ idshibanov] * Chris**role: **email:  * Stephen**role: **email:  * Vlad**role: **email:  * Paul**role: **email:

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