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Development and submission steps using SVN - OOP344 20121

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{{OOP344 Index | 20121}}
==Checkout team repository ==
# create a directory on the local machine (this happens usually only once on each workstation for development)
# checkout the repository into the directory
#: using GUI (TortoiseSVN) right click on the directory and select '''SVN Checkout'''
#: by doing this you have a copy of the whole repo on your computer.

== Create your workspace ==
# create a directory in branches using your seneca id
#: add this directory to the repository (right click on the dir and select '''TortoiseSVN/add)
#: commit this dir to repo so it will be saved on the server (right click on the dir and select '''SVN Commit'''
#: note that this dir is referred as your '''workspace'''
== branch the trunk for development ==
* branch the trunk into a dir under your workspace in branches
*: 1. Right-click on trunk directory
*: 2. Choose TortoiseSVN and click on branch/tag...
*: 3. Click on the [...] button on the right under "To URL:"
*: 4. Go to the root directory, then branches directory, click on your workspace, then press "OK"
*: 5. Edit the URL created by adding a slash and a directory name you want (a.k.a create a new directory)
*: 6. The directory name should be a name of your work (whatever you are going to work on)
*: 7. Type in the log message and press "OK"
* update your repository to get the branch on your local machine

== start coding and complete the task==
# code
# compile
# test
# compile
# commit (commit changes back to repo on server)
== merge the branch back to trunk==
# make sure branch is commited
# right click on trunk and select TortoiseSVN/merge
# select your branch
# merge by default settings and resolve possible conficts
== Test and commit trunk ==
# recompile and test merged trunk
# update trunk status on wiki team page to '''commiting'''
#: if the status is already commiting wait for it to be done
# commit trunk
# resolve possible problems
# commit again
# update trunk status on wiki team page to ''' commited'''

== Resources ==
* [[Hints for Using SVN to collaborate on school projects]]

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