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Weekly Schedule 20121 - OOP344

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Under Construction!= OOP344 -- Weekly Schedule 2012/1 (Winter Semester)= == Week 1 - Jan 8 == === This Week === * Introduction to Open Source development.* Collaboration Tools:** Wiki** Blog** IRC** Code Repository  === To Do ===  Form a team of 3 to 5 students and select a name for your team. (members can be from both sections of oop344) # Create an account on this wiki, (please use your seneca email id for your wiki id)# Join the IRC by [ registering your nickname on freenode] server and joining the #seneca-oop344 channel for 344 related dialog<br />Additional channels of interest: #seneca to interact with all Seneca students participating in opensource projects, and #seneca-social for Social (off-topic) dialog.# Create a blog (if you don't already have one) # Add your name to the [[Student List 20113 - OOP344 | OOP344 Student List]]# Download [ SVN] and check out the OOP344 repo(svn:// to get the notes done in class (userid: "oop344", no password)# Create you team page using [[Team page template - oop344 20113|provided template]] === Resources ===* [ TortoiseSVN download page for windows]* A quick tutorial for SVN: [ Source Control in Ten Minutes]*[ create console application projects in Visual Studio]*[ IRC account and login (in Windows)]* [ RabbitVCS - Linux alternative to TortoiseSVN]* [ Compare IRC clients]* [ How To edit Wiki pages]* [ How To edit Wiki Cheatsheet]* [ Free Xchat for windows]* [ Colloquy] an IRC Client for Mac* [ RapidSVN] a SVN Client for Mac

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