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Implementing the Mouse Lock API in Firefox

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Review Issues
* Confirm |aEvent->lastRefPoint = nsIntPoint(bounds.width/2, bounds.height/2);| that / 2 is right
* "nsCOMPtr<nsIContent> mMouseLockedElement; - Shouldn't this be a static member variable? Or how does the patch handle cases when the document which has iframe and mouse moves over those iframes." Probably wants a test for this case, too.
* "nsDOMMouseLockable::ShouldLock...QI to nsINode and check IsInDoc()"diogogmt
* "nsRefPtr<nsMouseLockableRequest> request = new nsMouseLockableRequest(aSuccessCallback, aFailureCallback); -- You should store aTarget (QI'ed to nsINode or nsIContent or Element or nsIDOMEventTarget) so that when calling callback you push Cx to stack; nsCxPusher pusher: // defined in nsContentUtils.h NS_ENSURE_STATE(pusher.Push(target));"
* <s>"nsDOMMouseLockable looks like it should be cycle collectable"</s> humph

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