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DPS901 Team LoL

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* keep walls axis aligned for simple detection
* buid walls from many triangles to facilitate lighting with spots
== Any other thing you find necessary ==
== Final Game Specs ==
Our game has come into fruition. It has been changed into a battle-arena type of game. <br />There are two players, who each drive a car around, and can fire rockets at the other car.<br />The movement of the car for player one are the arrow keys on the keyboard. To fire for player one, press space.<br />The movement of the car for player two are the i, j, k, and l keys on the keyboard. To fire for player two, press t.<br />
There is collision of cars on cars, cars on the walls, and cars on rockets.<br />The rockets blow up when they hit the other car, other rockets, or a wall. <br />The HUD has been changed into the life bars for the cars, displaying the number of health points for each car at the top of the page.<br />When a rocket hits car one, car one's health points goes down. The same for car two. Each car has a total of 5 health points.<br />When either cars health reaches zero, the round is over, and the game restarts.<br />There are a total of three rounds. When the third round is over, the game over screen shows, and the game ends.<br />Included in our game is background sound, collision sound, and explosion sound.<br />Textures have been modified to produce a dark and dangerous atmosphere. <br />We feel that the uplifting "chocobo" soundtrack clashes nicely with this depressing scene.<br />

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