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Reflections on Open Source Development

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What is Open Source Development
=What is Open Source Development=
A cryptic outline of the discussion:
* about relationships
* community in terms of social communication (eg. irc)
* the community is not there. lots of subcultures, segregations. A does it, B needs something, so they fork it and maintain that they are different/better?
* pressured to adapt to a community way of doing things - e.g code format
* may be about community, but also individual way of doing things.
=What did you wish you knew back then=
* not everyone is willing to help
* can't expect a response. don't wait, move on.
* efficiency of emails is a myth, and usually ineffective
* irc is intimidating
* be specific in your questions. people will ignore if you are too vague, or do not show that you've at least done some effort to fix the issue.
* you need to take initiative when you take on a project. we're too used to specs.
** hard to get started - don't know what the other party want, don't know what we want, don't know the technology, there's no roadmap
** suggested solution: make a small scope and then expand (from the core)
* documentation is hard and takes time
* learn screen (the window manager, that is)
* don't study for other courses during guest lectures
* explain everything in the wiki page - EVERY BIT, journal about everything you do.

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