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Reflections on Open Source Development

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* relaxed way for entry/contribution.
* knowledge in community. you may be the smartest person and do not want to share code, someone in the overall community may be able to carry on in the same way or not.
* AND and not OR. You need will (from people) and AND the environment to succeed.
* the need for passion and energy to do it
* learning process - puts yourself into situations that we never expected, or know where to start
* personal development and technology development grows together
* chaotic - like bazaar. there's no one standard way of doing it.
* resource level? where's the balance of when a question should be asked or should be researched?
* the community is not there. lots of subcultures, segregations. A does it, B needs something, so they fork it and maintain that they are different/better?
* pressured to adapt to a community way of doing things - e.g code format

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