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GAM666/DPS901 Victorious Secret

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A team created solely on pure awesome? Say it ain't so!
= Game Name Goes here Bang! =
== Project Marking Percentage ==
=== GUI Elements ===
<s>==== Menu ====
The In-Game Menu will allow the user to start a new game, quit, or resume game.</s>
==== Heads Up Display ====
The power meter will be positioned on the bottom left of the screen. When the player presses the launch button, the power bar will start to grow until the player lets go of the button or it reaches it's maximum. This will give the player an idea of how much power they're using, aiding them in hitting the targets.
<s>===== Targeting Aid =====
Time permitting, there will be a dotted line extending outwards from the launcher that will aid the player when aiming. It will be a straight line that represents roughly where the block will go, but not where it will land.</s>
=== Audio ===
Page sections don't require numbering on a wiki '''√'''
== Undiscussed issues ==
* nothing on repo yet ''''''
* is the in game menu separate from the configuration dialog
** do you intend to use splash screens'''√'''* controls'''√'''** you should have enough time to incorporate the analog stick'''√'''* heads up display'''√'''** use a texture and scale it'''√'''* lighting'''√'''** add emissive component to light - simple'''√'''** simple to attach a light to an object'''√'''
* other notes
** many projectiles
== Discussed ==
* change the repo id to a link'''√'''
* shouldn't need extra physics help for this - could be kept quite simple
* other notes
** use many triangles for terrain to improve lighting effects'''√'''** any model input - writing the interface could take some work
* cameras
** simple to attach a camera to an object'''√'''
** consider adding camera to each projectiles
= Any other thing you find necessary =

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