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Implementing the Mouse Lock API in Firefox

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High-Level Mouse Lock Implementation Tasks
## "movementX/Y must be valid regardless of mouse lock state" - '''KeyR'''
## "When unlocked, the system cursor can exit and re-enter the user agent window. If it does so and the user agent was not the target of operating system mouse move events then the most recent mouse position will be unknown to the user agent and movementX/Y can not be computed and must be set to zero" - '''moussa1'''
## "When mouse lock is enabled clientX, clientY, screenX, and screenY must hold constant values as if the mouse did not move at all once mouse lock was entered" - '''Jordanjbraffoul'''
## "The Mouse Lock API must exit the mouse lock state if the user agent, window, or tab loses focus" - '''drigato'''
## Test to make sure that mouse lock only occurs when an element is in full screen mode (not F11 or done via the menus). This includes:

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