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Mouse Lock Implementation FAQ

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Blur a window on a mochitest
// widget is now your widget
===How can I stack trace events in Firefox in Windows using Visual Studio?===
'''Answer 1:''' The answer is going to assume you know the basics of debugging on Visual Studio, like how to start debugging, step into, step out, step over, etc. If you haven't already follow the instructions on this [ site]. You don't have to do the optional part. Make sure you build your debug version of Firefox before this. Once you've completed the tasks, find out where you want to put your break point, (use [ mxr] or [ dxr]), and then hit debug. When you rebuild Firefox, you won't need to do the steps all over again, your solution explorer will automatically update itself.
See also, which is old, but likely still helpful.
===How do I programatically set the mouse cursor position?===
'''Answer:''' See how SynthesizeNativeMouseEvent does it on Windows:
5941 nsresult
5942 nsWindow::SynthesizeNativeMouseEvent(nsIntPoint aPoint,
5943 PRUint32 aNativeMessage,
5944 PRUint32 aModifierFlags)
5945 {
5946 RECT r;
5947 ::GetWindowRect(mWnd, &r);
5948 ::SetCursorPos(r.left + aPoint.x, + aPoint.y);
5950 INPUT input;
5951 memset(&input, 0, sizeof(input));
5953 input.type = INPUT_MOUSE;
5954 input.mi.dwFlags = aNativeMessage;
5955 ::SendInput(1, &input, sizeof(INPUT));
5957 return NS_OK;
5958 }
===How do I work with Preferences in Mozilla?===
'''Answer:''' See
===Blur a window on a mochitest===
Instead of window.blur(), will blur the focused window.

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