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The Scriveners - OOP344 20113

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==<span style="color:#FF0000">TEAM COMMUNICATION SECTION</span>==
NOV 1716: There were some issues with CDialog that could mess up your testing of the classes. cdialog edit was not tracking _curidx. this issue seems to be fixed now.<br /> you
can find the updated cdialog in dkgurr/R0.3. you will also need to use the updated editlist.cpp and editlist.h to use the updated cdialog.cpp<br /><br />
NOV 1615: Added bool method to DLList class to return if list is empty. Used this to reduce code in CDialog::editable() method.<br />
CButton::edit needs to be changed so that before the method finishes the square brackets around the text are overwritten with white space.<br />

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