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Mouse Lock Implementation FAQ

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Can't find header GL/glx.h for WebGL
'''Answer 1''': This error is most likely caused by an error in your .mozconfig file. Make sure that all commands are prefixed properly with their correct add command (mk_add... or ac_add...)
===LNK 1210 Error===
While running make, the following error presents itself:
LINK : fatal error LNK1210: exceeded internal ILK size limit; link with /INCREMENTAL:NO
'''Answer 1''': This error is most likely caused by VC's incremental linking reaching its hard coded limit. To fix the problem, edit your ''''''
and locate the line #2505 find the following section of code, and insert the options in bold.
<pre>if test $_MSC_VER -ge 1400; then
dnl For profile-guided optimization

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