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GAM666/DPS901 Victorious Secret

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* Questions regarding the state of the controller when polled (vvtran)
** <s>I notice that the Controller is pretty much set up in the engine, however it seems to only be able to poll if something is getting pressed. Is there a way to poll for when the button is released? If so how can I do this? I would like for this to work because of the cannon's "charge up" when the player tries to fire something.</s>** * I realized that by using pressed(BUTTON_1) it returns a boolean, so I can figure out if it's down or up if it's true or false. Since I already have a counter that is counting how much power is going into the shot, I'm reusing that as a check to see if the button had been pressed.** <s>From my understanding of the engine, what's implemented for the controllers should be enough as it is. Would I need to create a seperate Joystick class like it's done in the notes? If I want to do the controller button up/released, is this what is required to do so?</s>*** Not doing this, unless it's required for vibration... I'll deal with this later in the semester
** <s>Axis of the controller also don't seem to be implemented either. Or at least I can't seem to pinpoint where. I just see that axis are detected and setup, but I can't seem to find where to actually call up their status and see if they're being changed. ... although somehow the camera rotates when I use them...</s>
*** Figured it out. I also had to include a "dead-zone," which means that the user has to push the analog a certain amount before it does anything. Really it's just restricting a range greater than 50 and -50. Having no dead zone makes it a tad too sensitive, so that even moving in various directions it would register.

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