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Take control of your TV with XBMC
What content can you display on XBMC? The type of content that could be displayed on XBMC ranges from music, TV shows, movies, photos, and various snippets tailored to address your needs.
==='''Fun Facts about XBMC…'''===
· A very interesting fact is that XBMC will automatically populate media information (from the web) for movies and TV shows based on the title name and year of the video. The latter information is sufficient enough to grab the rest of the media details such as: cast, cover picture, and trailer if any.
· Mobile/Tablet applications to control streaming to different stations/screens across your home
==='''The only 2 disadvantages…'''===
One thing that is missing from this solution is the lack of live content streaming (i.e.: sports, news feeds, special events). For example, the 10pm news is not available live, it is usually available for streaming after the program is done. However, you may be able to find online live streams through some websites of these programs.

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