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BTP300 Team NVG

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=Team Not Very Good=
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! Skill Levels & Work Distribution !! Recent Changes !! Classes Conditions !! Current Trunk Status
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===Experts [***]===
* [ Husain Fazal] - CDialog& CFrame & CField * [ Neil GuzmanRobert Stanica] - CFrame & CDialog & CFieldCButton
====Novices [*/**]====
* [ Robert Stanica] - CButton
* [ Preshoth Paramalingam] - CLine
* [ Meet Godhani] - CLabel| valign="top" width="3325%" | 
==Assignment #2==
2011-1012-2804:* CFrame working but not perfectUpdated repository with updated source and header files# tested display Assignment 2 is completed and need to use better display from someone's consolelineeditsubmitted.cpp2011-11-03:* Updated repository with updated source and header files# haven't had a chance to test CFrame (incomplete display & edit# inside helper function void move, there is some stuff to fix when displaying message ) and capturing messageCDialog (incomplete draw & edit) nearly complete# frames now can't move too far right/up/down/left depending CLabel & CField completed (both by Neil. Meet will help out on terminal windowCDialog and CFrame)| valign="top" width="3325%" | ==Complete==#Assignment 2 is Done! 
==Commited By:==
2011-1011-2804:* NeilRobert
==Being Commited By:==
* no one
== Project Status ==
* Updated repository with updated source and header files
# CFrame (incomplete display & edit) and CDialog (incomplete draw & edit) nearly complete
# CLabel & CField completed (both by Neil. Meet will help out on CDialog and CFrame)
* CField
# I think it is finally complete and nothing else can be changed to it.
* CDialog
# coded some of the edit method
# changed some of the draw and add methods
# added parallel array state_ to check whether or not fields_ is dynamically allocated
* CField:
# changed a bit of the constructor (should work even if instantiated with empty values due to default parameters)
* CFrame:
# made sure that it passed the correct variables to global method release
* CDialog started and coded most of it, not tested yet
# not fully complete, there are still some confusing functions
* CField has been altered again, display/edit functions make more sense
* Updated CLabel
# enclosed CLabel header inside the cio namespace (everything must be within it)
* Preshoth started working on CLine class
# Added class definitions to CLine.h
# Added function definitions (no code) to CLine.cpp
* CFrame working but not perfect
* Assignment #1 inside "trunk"
== Useful Code Snippets ==
* Overall:
# Should have everything within the "namespace cio"
* Compiling:
# To fix the "C4530" compiling error in visual studio, type in "/EHsc" once (without the quotes) after the files you are compiling
# Include "-lncurses" when compiling on matrix with "g++"
# Include "-I /path/to/lib/ncurses" when compiling on linux emulator on windows with "g++"
* CFrame.cpp:
# Should be passing "(void **)&hidden_" to "release" from "consolebackup.cpp" inside "CFrame::hide"
# If you are seeing trailing characters when you move the frame, check to make sure your "CFrame::setLine" is correct and also how you allocated your "hidden" characters
# In "CFrame::capture()" make sure to cast the return value of "capture" from "consolebackup.cpp" into "(char*)" if your "hidden" variable is type char
* CDialog.cpp:
# Must have a parallel array to fields stored to know which fields are dynamically allocated
== Resources ==

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