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Console UI Core Classes - OOP344 20113

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To Do
Dialog and Labels
===To Do===
Complete the coding of CField, CLabel and CDialog and then test the project using Test2DialogAndLabel.cpp.<br/>Workload estimate out of 100:** CFeild 10%* CLabel 25%* CDialog 65%# First start with creating mockup classes (create the classes with empty methods that do nothing but compiles), you should have 6 files for headers and cpp code, and add them to trunk.# considering the percentage of the workload, assign tasks to each team member.# Each team member branch the trunk to start their work.# communicate with your team members and keep updating your code with their additions, (remember that you have access to their branches) # keep regular IRC meetings ( you can invite me to your meetings too for advice and help)# When all done, merge back the additions to trunk.# Do final test and tag it to R0.2 
===Due Date===
Tuesday Oct 26th. 23:59

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