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GAM666/DPS901 Project Requirements 20113

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Presentation Schedule
# Update your team's wiki page with your team's repository path information under '''Repo Path'''
# Create a directory with your seneca id under the branch sub-directory of your team's repository. This will be your home directory for development; for details see: [ Directory Structure]
# One of your team members should checkout export svn:// and svn:// into the trunk of your team's repository
#: For detailed steps see [[Hints for Using SVN to collaborate on school projects#Start_the_project_by_continuing_an_existing_work | Start the project by continuing an existing work]]
Each team member should have their own successfully compiled version of the Framework sample and the Resources in their own workspace in the branch sub-directory of their team's repository.<!--Branch submission pathpaths: * svn:// fwk4gps* svn://>: ''Start doing the above by branching the Framework and the Resources into svn:// See here for help: [ Preparing_Your_Own_Workspace_for_Development Preparing Branches/workspace Workspace for development]''
* your own name in the caption for the dialog box
* your team name in the window title
* your own name in the copyright information in the dialog box
|Date and Time
|Team LoL
|Tuesday November 15 11:40AM
|Tuesday November 15 12:00PM
|Team K&J|Wednesday November 16 23 11:40AM|-Team K&J|Team iSquared
|Wednesday November 16 12:00PM
|[[GAM666/DPS901 Victorious Secret|Victorious Secret]]
|Thursday November 17 12:00PM
|[[GAM666/DPS901_Mesocricetus | Mesocricetus]]
|Friday November 18 9:30AM
|C Major
|Tuesday December 6 8:15AM
|C Major
|Tuesday December 6 8:45AM
|Victorious Secret
|Tuesday December 6 9:15AM
|Team K & J
|Thursday December 8 8:15AM
|Team Mesocricetus|Thursday December 8 8:45AM30AM|-|Team iSquared|Thursday December 8 8:50AM|-|Team LoL|Thursday December 8 9:10AM
|Team A
|Thursday December 8 9:15AM25AM
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