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Firefox Performance Testing : A Python framework for Windows

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Project Contributor(s)
*Gave pointers on flushing buffer
*Helped with some grammar and sentence structuring for new documentation
==In-Class Contributors==
Please let me know if I missed you out. I didn't receive comments from everyone who participated.
* [[User:Mdsouza|Mark D'Souza]] (mdsouza)
* [[User:Sherman|Sherman Fernandes]] (sjfern)
* [[User:Ankuswan|Aditya Nanda Kuswanto]] (vipers101)
* [[User:dmmanley|Dave Manley]] (seneManley)
* [[User:Cbguy1|Colin Guy]] (Guiness)
* [[User:mattar1|Mohamed Attar]] (mojo)
* [[User:mckwan|Man Choi Kwan]] (mckwan)
* [[User:RealMarkP|Mark Paruzel]] (RealMarkP or FakeMarkP)
* [[User:jbmossop|Jeff Mossop]] (JBmossop)
* [[User:melz|Melissa Peh]] (melz)
* [[User:Paul|Paul Yanchun Gu]] (gpaul)
* [[User:Vpmirand|Vanessa Miranda]] (vanessa)
* [[User:Pcvitori|Philip Vitorino]] (philly)
* [[User:PStD|Paul St-Denis]] (pstdenis)
* [[User:moe|Mohammad Tirtashi]] (moe)
* [[User:Cdolivei|Cesar Oliveira]] (cesar)
* [[User:Andrew|Andrew Smith]] (andrew)
* [[User:Bhearsum | Ben Hearsum]] (bhearsum)
* [[User:Eldavey|Erin Davey]] (davey_girl)
= Project Details =

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