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Fall 2011 0.1 Release

5,624 bytes added, 08:51, 28 October 2011
Release Info
| Matthew Schranz
| mjschranz
| [ /2011/09/30/my-0-1-release-for-osd600-with-popcorn-js/ Blog]| Ticket: [] , [ Ticket#734]
| Added tests for Popcorn.js Facebook Plugin and refactored it's code.
| Ticket: [ #733], [ #734]
|Qian (Ken) Xu
|[ Commit)]
|[ (See My Blog Post)]
|[ (printMatrix prints negative zeros , ticket #1557)]|-[ #734]|-|Diogo Golovanevsky Monteiro|diogogmt|||[ Blog post with more details]|[ Resource manager/loader ticket #6]|-|Anurag Bhatnagar|abhatnagar|||Setup the function to start working on it|[ Processing-js Ticket #1589]|-|Jacky Siu|jsiu3|||Implemented greggman's patch with frameRateIsUsed flag, to switch between rAF and Old code.|[ Bug862]|-|Moussa Tabcharani|moussa1|||Created a new caption plugin to implement video captions fully customized by author (color, size, position, etc).|[ Popcorn-js Ticket #64]|-|Raymond Hung|rhung|[ Blog Post]||Added the ability to loop audio in gladius. Also created a simple demo page that has rain sounds looping.|[ Music should be loopable - Issue #39]|-|Abhishek Bhatnagar|abhatnag||,3634|Amended previous patch based on code review for egit CleanCommand UI.|No ticket|-|Ausley Johnson|Johnno|| ,|Adding Pause to a video element(t308)Note: Several commits were made for this release under 1.0. Just added two links|, |-|Joseph Hughes|CloudScorpion|||Basic fix for material transparency issue is complete, a more optimal and/or component wide solution will come next. Check my blog for details.||-|Greg Krilov|gkrilov|||Adding IE8 Compatibility to processing.js version 1.2.3||-|Archana Sahota|asahota|||Adding Plugin for||-|Saba Naqvi|snaqvi|||Creating documentation for the Introduction Page||-|Sergiu Ecob|secob|||Added implementations and comments to Gladius.Math| &|-|Roman Hotin|rhotin|||fixing mouse dragging in canvas||-|Michelle Mendoza|mendozamiche|[]||Add manifest data to parsers and players|[ Ticket #554]|-|Jordan Raffoul|jbraffoul|||Created a simple chat application in the browser using WebSockets (nodejs and|[ Ticket #48]|-|Keyan Ren|KeyR||[ tries]|working on subtitle control panel, but not finish||-|Omid Najari Moghadam|onajarimoghadam|||working on paladin issue #39 (sound loop) but not finish yet|Issue #39|-|Denise Rigato|drigato|||Rdio plugin for Popcorn||-|Jesse Silver|JSilver999|||Fixed the test suite to also work when doing "make test" in Gladius.|

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