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GAM666/DPS901 Victorious Secret

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= Victorious Secret =
A team created solely on pure awesome? Say it ain't so!
== 1.0 Team Members ==
# [ Ozzy Mirza]
# [ Victor Tran]
# [ Minoo Ziaei]
# [ Chi Lea Tran]
# [ Alex Chung]
# [ Bryce Harmidy]
== 2.0 Objective ==
The purpose of this project is to create a simple 3D game using the DirectX framework in 8 weeks.
== 3.0 Concept ==
Our idea consists of launching a block in the air and landing it in a target area. Launching the block will consist of a spring mechanism similar to what is observed in a pinball machine. The user will control the power by holding down a button and releasing it at the desired time. The launcher will be aimed diagonally to allow the projectile to move in a forward motion and be pulled down by gravity.
(Insert drawings here)
== 4.0 Controls ==
We plan to use one button on the controller (1 on a gamepad) to control the power of the launcher. With time permitting, we may include the use of the analog stick to determine the direction of the projectile.
(Insert drawings here)
== 5.0 Audio ==
Sound effects and background music will be used to create a more full experience.
=== 5.1 Sound Effects ===
Sound effects will play when: the player is holding down the button, the projectile is launched, when the projectile lands, a rewarding sound when the projectile lands in the target, and a disapproving sound when the projectile misses the target.
=== 5.2 Background Music ===
This is to be determined. We will require music that we can rightfully use, for example, the unique and majestic musical stylings of saraJ00n: []

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