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* Each student must create a web page in his/her zenit account course that contains student identification (student name; picture, wiki address, etc., and for every lab, one should define the links to the repository of his/her work - code, tutorial, etc.; '''you do not have to send any email''' with the address of your web page).
Team Deliverable:
* At the due date (Wednesdays, on the due date, namely, the fourth week, the sixth week, and so forth), '''only one of the team member''' WHEN requested you must send an email to [{{{type}}}-Lab Jordan Anastasiade] with the address of the repository where your lab is stored. (Please do not forget to mention in the subject line: '''TEAM Number''' and '''LAB Number''')For instance, the URL of your repository MUST be sent in the body of your email as follow: where you have to replace ''ecl500_111a103:dqJY6526'' with your user/passwd and ''ecl500_111rep10'' with your repository name

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