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SQLite Adapter Research

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{{Admon/obsolete}} [[category: NexJ Express SQLite]]==Overview==
==Data Types==
! Limit
|Max Number of columnsColumns|Default: 2000, Max: 32767
|Number of rows
|2 ^ 64 (Max file size should be reached before this)
|Page size
|512 - 65536|-|Database size|2 ^ 31 - 2 * Page_Size, Max theoretical size is 14 Terabytes, Operating system file size limit could occur before that point|-|UUID 4|N-byte blob containing pseudo-random bytes, SQL Function hex(randomblob(16)) facilitates this
|Auto Increment|AUTOINCREMENT keyword guarantees that automatically chosen ROWIDs will be increasing but not that they will be sequential, added to Integer PK fields|-|Last Insert Row|Non thread safe SQL Function last_insert_rowid() facilitates last row access|-|Joins|SQLite supports JOINS and LEFT Joins, FULL JOIN and RIGHT JOIN are supported, maximum of 64 tables per join|-|JDBC Drivers| 
Max number of columns

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